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Learn the Anatomy of Calm by Kim Orr


About the Author

Kim Orr is Founder of Your Mind Body Breath, a resource dedicated to helping people peel back and discard layers of stress and unblock the source of their creativity -- which resides in their Calm Core.

Kim, a Contemplative Practice Yoga® Teacher and a Contemplative Practice Yoga® Therapist, is E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, and YACEP Credentialed.

Why should you care about Kim's credentials? Because they mean you can trust the guidance she gives you to produce results: a life of less stress, more calm, and genuine joy.

Kim Orr is a gifted teacher with the mind of a sage and the heart of a saint.

Kate Sheehan Roach 

Kim reveals aspects of your character and actions which you were unaware of, but recognize as true. She opens you to your ongoing life wisdom.


Kim teaches you how to get relief from physical, mental, and emotional stress. She gives you comfort and strength and teaches you how to care for yourself. 

Althea Cervantes

Kim heals by teaching, and in doing so, fosters long-term solutions to problems both physical and spiritual.

Grace Sharp 

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